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Low Altitude Aerial Surveys & Systems



Acuvec offers a full line of Photogrammetric Data Processing services with fast turn-around, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Following Photogrammetry and Data Processing Services are provided

  • GPS Control Survey 
  • Aerial Triangulation & Adjustment 
  • Stereo Compilation 
  • DEM and DTM Generation 
  • Orthophoto Generation 

Aerial Photography Ground Control

Ground control surveys are carried out by our Land Surveyors using Trimble dual frequency GPS equipment.

Ground control survey is performed to meet the client's specifications and required accuracies. We also use of our relationships across the globe to have GPS Control done by the local GPS mapping companies to client specifications.

Aerial Triangulation & Adjustment

Aerial Triangulation (AT) is an essential part of any successful photogrammetry project. Acuvec offers complete softcopy aerial triangulation services, providing highly accurate control for the map production. Digital images are uploaded into softcopy workstations. The airborne GPS coordinates and the ground survey control points are used to control the triangulation solution.

Acuvec utilizes Inpho's MATCH AT Software and Leica Photogrammetry Suite to perform aerial triangulation computations and analysis. The selection of AT software is dependent upon the size of the project and client requests.

Accuracy of the AT will be verified by the inclusion of checkpoints with the values withheld in the adjustment and later verified in the final results. The following documents would be required for executing the Aerial Triangulation process

  • Line map of the project area showing flight lines.
  • Project boundaries.
  • Control point locations and identification numbers.
  • Description of Ground Control Points with coordinates.
  • Estimates of horizontal and vertical accuracy of Ground Control Points.
  • Camera calibration report.
  • Technical specifications.

Aerial Triangulation Calgary Canada


The final Aerial Triangulation results are used for achieving the orientation of stereo image pairs. This enables us to perform further processing for the vector feature extraction by utilizing softcopy photogrammetric workstations.

Acuvec provides accurate digital vector extraction in industry standard formats by employing project specific procedures which deliver exceptional products at cost-effective prices and quick turnaround time.

Photogrammetry Calgary, Alberta

Digital Terrain Model

The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) plays an important part in the production of geo-referenced orthophotographs. Acuvec conforms to the proper usage of hard and soft breaklines in all its DTM editing assignments. This produces a very good terrain representation resulting in superior quality orthophotos.

A sufficient amount of height information is gathered from the photogrammetric restitution of spot heights and breaklines in aerial photos (vector data) or from laser scanner mapping to acurately generate the Digital Terrain Model (DTM).

Using the photogrammetric software a dense point cloud of heights is generated in multi images through automated elevation collection (correlation). The results are verified manually by using powerful editing tools. Elevation points on man-made structures or vegetation can be eliminated and gaps filled. As a final step the DTM is generated.


An orthophotograph is a an aerial colour photograph geometrically and geographically corrected to be superimposed on a plan. The production of orthophotographs consists of correcting the distortions of the exposures caused by ground surface relief. This is possible because of the parameters generated by aerial triangulation, the DTM. and the ground control points. These rectified images preserve all the detail of the aerial photo and form the basis for a complete Geographical Information System (GIS).

Acuvec uses PCI's OrthoEngine, Orthovista and SOCET SET for orthorectification of both scanned film and digital aerial photographs to produce map-quality ortho images.

Orthorectification Calgary, Alberta